I took jazz.

I am someone who crosses borders, moving between improvised, composed and electronic music.

At the age of 7 I started learning to play the piano - until the age of 16 years I was mainly trained in classical piano.

Shortly after that I started playing in different bands like The Rope and Fenrir.

When I was 17 me and my band "FENRIR" founded the now worldwide established underground metal festival "BMOA".

For 25 years now, besides my work as a piano teacher and pianist, playing in different musical genres has been an important part of my work. With my current band projects DIUSN MEDUSA and KID MUSS RAVEN I work within the realms of electronic jazz as well as modern/djent metal .

The last few years have been defined by close collaborations with a variety of great talents, artists and masters of their craft such as:

Jacob Bergson Jojo Mayer's "NERVE"

June Lee friend and transcription master of Grammy Award winner Jacob Collier

Jaroslav Holub sound designer "DEVELOP DEVICE

HaPe Henkel YAMAHA specialist

my teacher and Jazz pianist Klaus Ignatzek

As well as a number of smaller performances as a solo pianist I can also look back on these events:

Concerts with Rick Latham

Concerts with the JAZZKANTINE

A benefit concert for Auma Obama (sister of Barack Obama)

Concerts of the Philipp Wisotzki Trio (supporting program NDR Bigband)

Participation in the successful show ROSI

Compositions for the dance theater Sturm und Drang with Marten Pankow at the "Volkstheater Rostock".